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As someone in the midst of studying, and very literally at the moment (in the other computer window) writing about Catholic Moral Theology the subject of the below link is very appropriate and also very disturbing. Disturbing to me that our society (read, American society) still gets worked up about other people's sex lives.

For most of us, we all have sexual urges of one kind or another. Sometimes we act on them, sometimes we don't. Sometimes those actions conform to how others think and would act but many times they do not. For such an independent, liberal society we really are just a bunch of public prudes hiding our internal deviancy.

If you read the article at the aforementioned link, note the author's qualification concerning the legality of the sex act in question. I would concur, if it was done illegally then good by Elmo, but if not, then it really is none of our business.

What is really telling though is the first (of what may be many) comment has to say, by an author called murljean36: "and you qualify to issue these opinions based on your sainthood, judiciary experience or what." In the context of my current reading on the development of Catholic Moral Teaching, that comment is particularly hilarious, but there are probably only 11 of us at Marquette who could laugh about it tonight...

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