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It's again been awhile since I posted. I'm thinking about a review, 6 months on, of my Galaxy S3. That said, why not make it now.

Overall, I give the phone 7.5 stars out of 10.


Durability: 6

I now have 3 cracks on the screen. 2 of which I made and the 3rd which just appeared one day. The phone case, sans cover, is very very slippery. It is easy to drop this phone even when you are careful.

I dropped by Droid X dozens of times with no damage. I dropped this phone twice and a small crack appeared on the screen.

Call quality: 8

Calls sound okay. Well, for 8 stars they sound good, but no more.

Battery life: 5

Until a few weeks ago I would have said at least 8 on the battery, however, recent developments are reason to give pause. I had noticed that some nights after going to bed with the phone at 35% power I would wake up to find the phone dead. I narrowed the culprit down to either location or sync services. Turning both off at night seemed to eliminate this issue.

That said, I started playing angry birds a few weeks ago and discovered that even on full charge the phone will be tapped out after less than 2 hours of playing angry birds. That just won't cut it. Not that I have the time to play angry birds that much in everyday life but over the holidays there was some extra downtime that exposed this issue with the S3.

Location Services: 5

I like using this phone for GPS...when the phone can locate the GPS satellites. I've had a few trips recently where I will get to my destination before the GPS finds the satellites. Not acceptable. Fortunately with the ability to track location through cell towers I can get an idea of where I'm at on the map, but come on, GPS isn't new stuff here.

Other thoughts: Averaging the above numbers doesn't equal 7.5 out of 10...So what, this isn't scientific!

Outside of the above issues I really like this phone. From a productivity standpoint I can do just about anything I need to on it. My only regret is that the Note 2 wasn't out when I got the S3 or I would have opted for that phone instead.

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