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Let’s Talk About J.J. Abrams

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Since it has become official that J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode VII, I guess I can start indulging my imagination in to what that might mean.  This has been my experience with Mr. Abrams:

  1. LOST – I really enjoyed Lost.  Although I must confess that I binge-watched it.  I came to the Lost party rather late in the game, after all the seasons were on Netflix.  The first season was definitely the most memorable (and I think JJ had his hand in this one the most – well at least he directed the pilot and executive produced the rest of the series).  The volume of content I took in during the course of several months means that a lot of the nuance and specifics of the story got muddled in my memory.  But what a story!  I realize the JJ isn’t writing the script for Episode VII, but his sense of capturing the audience through character development is what is most exciting to me.  We’ve got a commitment from Disney to pump out quite a few movies.  So let’s get to know these characters.
  2. Star Trek – good story.  It got a little muddled with all the time lines.  Please don’t introduce time travel into the Star Wars universe JJ.  And I know Leonard Nemoy made a return to the screen.  Sorry Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, I can do without your cameos.  Mark Hamill I could be persuaded on.  But let’s move on.  They’ve had their time.  I want to be fully engrossed in something new, not distracted by an unnecessary cameo.
  3. Star Trek Audio Commentary – If you’ve never listened to the commentary for this, go and do it now!  JJ talks in here about how he put things in this movie that he loved about the original Star Wars and which he felt the prequels lacked!  Ding ding ding!  Namely, he felt that what was best about the stories was the dirt and grime; the realness.
  4. Super 8 – good story and beautifully executed.

I haven’t seen everything that JJ has done.  But I’ve seen enough to be confident in his helming this first installment.  But what are the writers putting together?  Has JJ seen an outline of the script and is that what got him on board?  He had a decent amount of input that he gave towards some of the major story lines in Lost.  Any chance that he’s now got his hand in some of the plot points for Ep. 7?

Now I am and have been an ardent Star Wars fan –both the movies (original) and novels.  And that’s the topic I want to leave you with.  There is an immense Star Wars universe that has been created through novels which take place before, after and during all of the movie time lines.  So I have to say I was a little confused when I heard that George Lucas had a brief outline of Ep. 7-9.  And I’ve heard nothing about an “adaptation” of any of the novel story lines.  So are they creating a whole new time line separate from the novels?  While I loved all of the novels, I guess I’m not totally opposed to this.  There are some awesome series that would make for spectacular movies – Thrawn, Rogue Squadron, Young Jedi, to name a few.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m many years removed from reading a lot of these novels and, admittedly, I’ve not reread them enough times to have them stuck in heads like the movies.  So to me, the idea of new movies with slightly different plots doesn’t necessarily sour my mood.

Any other Star Wars junkies out there want to chime in?

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