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Recover Evernote Files from iPad

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I have done numerous searches using phrases such as "access evernote data on ipad" or "database ipad access" the one which finally paid off was "access ipad app data" which took me to a StackOverflow question titled "How can I export an iPad app's data to a computer?" and eventually to a link to Macroplant's iExplorer posted by joern, to whom I am very grateful.

So, to make a long story short. For those needing to access the behind the scenes data for Evernote on their iDevice (or any other app data for that matter) give iExplorer a try. With the demo version I was able to see the files. This was good in that it told me what I was trying to do was possible. I could not recover the file in question until I bought the license for $34.95 but for what I was needing to do it was worth.

Shame on Apple for not offering this type of file level access available themselves at no cost. I am no Apple evangelist, although I prefer a unix OS and so occasionally use Mountain Lion for Rails development, but still for those needing access to potentially corrupted files (which was my case) a tool like iExplorer is essential!

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