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Word of the Day Rant: Lackadaisical

Posted by Nathaniel

The word lackadaisical perplexes me. It’s so straightforward yet nearly almost all sports announcers I hear get it wrong. When you read it aloud, what do you hear? I hear: Lack-a-days-ick-al. Watch an NBA basketball game sometime. Anytime. I predict that any NBA game you watch will produce the same result. You won’t hear what […]


Word of the Day Rant: Decadent

Posted by Nathaniel

Have you ever looked up the word Decadent in the Dictionary? I’ve looked it up a few times and am continually surprised by the definition. Here’s what we get from Merriam-Webster on Decadent. Definition of Decadent marked by decay or decline of, relating to, or having the characteristics of the decadents characterized by or appealing […]