Ad Infinitum I am nothing but a patient man.


I do various things in a professional capacity. Read on to get a taste of those activities.

Saint Andrew Parish - Coordinator of Ministries and Director of Technology

There are many duties which fall under these two titles. I characterize the primary ones as these.

  • Relationships. I spend a great deal of time talking with and getting to know those who walk through our doors. The key is to listen and to have a genuine interest in the lives of our Parishioners. I try to bring this to all conversations I have and I think it has paid off over the past 3 years there. By getting to know the people, I am able to target my recruitment for our various needs which creates an environment where those who are good at something are given an opportunity to do that thing.
  • Scheduling. It's a mundane task but every 3 months I put together a schedule for our various liturgical ministers. It is arduous and painstaking and a task which I would gladly give up if I knew someone could do it with the diligence that I give it.
  • Computers, Technology, Websites. All of the above. I would say that the website work offers the most creativity and problem solving. Hoo-ray for mixing and matching Content Management Systems and tried and true HTML/CSS. We even maintain our own journal at

Co-owner, Crossedi Innovations

My wife and I have started our own business, tentatively doing the following:

  • Snapshorts - Custom written books whose story is driven around a set of images supplied by the customer.
  • IT support for home users. Computers and programs are vast and complex. When they break or don't work right the average user is at a loss. I have seen this routinely with those whom I work at Saint Andrew. So, I hope to provide support to the average home user at a very reasonable cost. $40 per hour, pro-rated for the time I actually work. If you have a computer problem, give me a call.

A bunch of other things

Check back as we get into more projects.

And of course my ultimate hope is that this site will generate a modest income. My ultimate goal in life is to have a simple, peaceful lifestyle, centered around work of my own choosing. You can help by frequenting this site and absorbing my words and thoughts.